Sunday , 19 November 2017
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The killing of Anandpal: Story of an encounter

In order to dispel public suspicion that gangster Anandpal Singh’s encounter was fake, the Rajasthan police on Sunday held a press brief to narrate step by step the details of how the gangster was gunned down. The police, through photos and videos, showed the gangster’s hideout and explained the commando operation of June 24.

Calling the encounter ‘foolproof’, additional DGP (law and order) N R K Reddy said in Jaipur there were no contradictions in the police story.

According to Reddy, in the dark of the night on June 24, the SOG and commando crew of the Rajasthan police approached the compound where the gangster was suspected to be hiding in a house situated at Malasar village of Churu district. “The entire compound was surrounded from all directions. On one side, the Haryana police laid an outer cordon, while the Churu police were deployed on the other side. Other crews of special operations group and emergency response team (ERT) commandos stood in the backside of the compound,” Reddy said.

Another unit led by Churu SP approached the main path leading to the front gate of the building. A police car was used as a shield by the police in the event of cross firing. The car was parked right outside the house.

“The teams began searching rooms on the ground floor of the compound. Shravan Singh and his family were locked in a room when they protested,” said additional DGP (crime) Pankaj Singh.

Another team swiftly went on to the roof of the house, where they found two rooms. “The lights were on inside one of the rooms. The cops saw movement of the suspect and fired a warning shot,” Singh said. The gangster retaliated shooting at the police team and made an attempt to run into the adjoining room. However, when Anandpal Singh spotted police units closing in on him, he opened heavy fire. A fierce gun battle ensued. “He was trying to rush to the back of the house where his car was parked. But when he looked down, he found the police were blocking the passage to stairs. It finally dawned on Anandpal that he was surrounded from all sides. So, he began indiscriminate firing to all sides while holed up inside one room,” Singh said, adding that the shells from Anandpal’s gun were recovered from the spot.

Drawing from his previous experience, Anandpal thought that if he could kill a few cops, there would be confusion among the policemen and they would retreat. So, he opened fire in bursts from his AK-47 rifle and made a final attempt to flee through the stairs.

Meanwhile, the police team took out a mirror from the house and placed it on the roof.

“There were light bulbs on in three parts of the A on in three parts of the building which reflected Anandpal’s movements. The teams on the stairs spotted him rushing towards them. They opened fire killing Anandpal,” Singh said.

Source : timesofindia

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