Sunday , 19 November 2017
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Nine months of no ration: Villagers pleas fall on deaf ears

JAIPUR: Kuma Bai of Pinjana in Kishenganj block of Baran district, about 50 years old, says she has not managed to get the wheat she is entitled to under the public distribution system in nine months. She has three sons, and her husband has been missing for over a year. “Yes, we searched for him, we lodged a complaint, but he has not been found yet,” she told Firoz Khan, a social worker who regularly tours these regions.

“Dealer Indra Shahu tells me that my fingerprint does not match what was earlier recorded in the POS (Point of Sale) machine. Many villagers have similar complaints,” she said.

The dealer assigned to Pinjana village also serves villagers in Simliya, Barkheda and other villages nearby. There are about 800 families in Pinjana, and many people migrate for work on a regular basis. Many cannot then come to claim rations each month, but are later told they cannot access supplies they are entitled to.

The Antyodaya families – considered the poorest among the poor – are entitled to 35 kg of wheat each month, while households that are termed “priority” ones get 5 kg per member of the family, at highly subsidized rates of Rs2 per kg. In many families, there are members who are not enrolled in the public distribution system (PDS).

Firoz Khan, a social worker, has brought to the notice of higher authorities the fact that POS machines are causing huge disruption in the distribution of rations among the poor. Despite his interventions, though, he feels authorities are lax. “There seems to be no great improvement on the ground, despite all the assurances that are made,” he said.

Harlal Meena, supplies officer for this region, said he was unaware of the problems and would ensure that action is taken against the dealer so poor people do not face harassment.

Source : timesofindia

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