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Anandpal Singh was no Robin Hood but a ruthless criminal

JAIPUR: When he was alive, the name Anandpal Singh evoked both terror and veneration in Shekhawati. The slain gangster had created an empire of crime and indulged in torturing his victims inside irons cages for extortion and shooting policemen with automatic weapons such as AK-47 and US-made pistols.

“Some Rajput outfits insist that Singh was a Robin Hood, but Anandpal’s history sheet suggests he was an inhuman gangster who could kill anyone without any inhibitions. He locked people inside small iron cages and tortured them in the most gruesome manner,” said additional DGP (law and order) N R K Reddy.

According to police, in 1992, a salesman in Deedwana asked Anandpal if he was indeed capable of killing somebody. Singh replied by taking out his pistol and shooting the salesman on the spot.

But the one crime that made him a don, and fomented caste divisions in Shekhawati was the brutal murder of Jeevan Ram Godara in 2006 in Deedwana. Godara was a liquor peddler like Anandpal and once his close friend. Godara had even attended the gangster’s wedding. “Jeevan Ram Godara was sitting outside a showroom. Anandpal and his aides took out their automatic guns and fired multiple times at Godara, who was killed on the spot,” a police official said.

In 2006, the gangster figured in the rogue’s gallery of every police station when his name cropped in connection with another hair-raising murder in Nagaur. Nanu Singh Jat, a local criminal, had a tiff with Anandpal. His aide Sanjay Pandey informed him that Jat was hiding in Kishangarh.

“The gangster and his men took Jat to a secluded place and cut him alive with swords into many pieces. His men later threw Jat’s body parts into a tub of acid which completely melted the body,” the official said.

Source : timesofindia

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