Monday , 5 December 2016
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Reliance Jio user asked to pay Rs 27,718 as bill amount

New Delhi: Ever since making entry into the telecom market, Reliance Jio has shaken up the mobile phone industry with its massive data offer.

Under the welcome offer –Valid upto December 31 – Jio users are getting free data and free voice calling.

However, lately a hoax message has gone viral on messaging app WhatsApp. I a very carefully Photoshoped image, it shows one Ayunuddin Mondal from Kolkata has been billed Rs 27,718 for using 554.38 GB of data and 44 minutes of voice calling on Reliance Jio.

Don’t fall for this trap as the bill in circulation is fake. Under the Reliance Jio Welcome offercustomer can get free voice calling, zero roaming charges and cheaper data tariffs.

Jio is offering users data services free for four months, after which it will offer 10 tariff plans starting at Rs 19 a day for occasional users, Rs 149 a month for low data users and Rs 4,999 a month for heavy data users.

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