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Redefining Retirement Living With Prarambh Township

AHMEDABAD, India, November 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Did you know that India has around 100 million elderly at present and the number is expected to increase to 323 million by 2050? There are many who will be content with living a ‘Retired Life’ with their families, but there are also many untold stories of parents who encourage their children to go out for lucrative jobs or higher education. The joy of these parents knows no limits as their children go out to achieve something, but little do they realize that they will be here in their own country with their kids out of their homes, for better lifestyle.

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Ask Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi and Mr. Rajesh Jindal who felt disconsolate and found it a daunting task to deal with this alarming situation. The thought that there will be many parents out there who will be facing the issues of loneliness, security, medical problems, day to day work and other things was making them worried. They felt a strong inclination to do something for their parents and all other elderly segment in the society.

This is where the idea of Prarambh Retirement Township took birth, and they took a plunge to serve the 50 plus segment with a beautiful culture living concept. There is a growing awareness today about the retirement living as a perfect abode among the masses. With many youngsters opting opportunities far away from their hometown for better lifestyle, many elderly couples seek companionship to take care of them during their old age. Retirement living is a beautiful concept that is going through another transition in the 21st century.

More about Prarambh Township:

Prarambh Township is conceptualized with an approach to provide you a smart way to live independently amidst like-minded people of similar age group and develop magnificent environment you can cherish after retirement. Prarambh also provides a huge relief to the children who are staying abroad and whose parents wish to stay here, in their own country.

A place of retirement living need not be just any place; it can also be a place of beauty and grandeur that moves the soul. Think of your parents living in such a place amidst the like-minded people of the similar age group and sharing their views and happiness. They will see the expression of splendour and understand that life after 50 need not be dull, inactive and boring without any solid schedule to stick to; it can be brimming with lively activities and grandeur too. Prarambh blooming as a senior living scheme gives that feeling. It pushes the geriatric segment to celebrate life in a larger way and discover better side of ageing.  Prarambh emerges as a carefree and luxurious living with its elaborate construction and tranquil surroundings, well suited for a luxurious and peaceful life.

But what is so amazing about this ultimate scheme that sets it apart from all?

 Ask us, and we can tell you that this is neither an ‘Old Age Home’ nor a real estate project, but a meticulously planned designed lifestyle space, with tailor-made 600 ground floor villas and Township suitable for retirement life. Away from the pollution, bustling traffic and city woes, when you visit this beautiful scheme, you will be awed by the amazing state-of-the-art facilities, picturesque view and marvellous luxurious villas. Nestled in the plush comfort of nature, not too far from the Ahmedabad city, the facility offers the perks of care, comfort and security along with varied activities in an ever charming eco-friendly environment. Even the children who are staying far away from their parents are at ease with the feeling of knowing that their parents are not alone.

Almost many years into its existence, the success stories and the constant endeavour of the partners to help the elderly segment start afresh has helped Prarambh gained popularity. One of the residents, Mr. Nandkishor Parikh loved the scheme and says, “The three things I loved about Prarambh Township are the ‘3 S’ which it provides: Security, Social Life and Services. The scheme which is a perfect place to surround you in the embrace of nature is worth staying.”

At Prarambh, you can start your life afresh by indulging in many indoor and outdoor activities, seek cheerful company with a lot more others , spend more time with family and kids,  travel, and do all the things on your bucket list you ever wanted to indulge in, but were too busy to do so during your office life. Built on the theory of ageing, which can be graceful, this township is the ultimate place to give a visit.

So, get ready. It’s time to change the retirement living rules a bit and start afresh – “Kyunki Zindagi abhi baki hai mere dost”! 
Visit the scheme today which is an apt place to start the second innings of your life.

About Prarambh 

Prarambh is a retirement living housing facility to provide meticulously planned lifestyle homes to the senior citizens, while offering all the luxuries, security, and many other facilities in peaceful and eco-friendly surroundings in Ahmedabad to cherish the retirement years. A carefully planned and designed lifestyle space with customized 600 ground floor villas suitable for retirement life, the project which located at Bavla, Ahmedabad is the vision of Mr. Rajesh Jindal and Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi.
Office: 307, 3rd floor, 3rd Eye One, Above Vijay Sales, Opp. Havmor Restaurant
C.G. Road, Panchvati, Ahmedabad – 380006
Gujarat, India
Prarambh Life,
P/O Daran, Nr. Dedhal Crossroad,
Bavla, Ahmedabad,
+91 830 61 44 111
+91 79 40056400
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