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Maatrum Technologies Chisels an all new Path for Property Verification

CHENNAI, November 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Maatrum Technologies Aims to Simplify Document Verification for Property Owners/Buyers

Maatrum Technologies, a startup from Chennai, is all set to automate the Property Verification process for homebuyers and existing owners in Tamil Nadu. For almost a decade now, Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai has been a major hub for real estate developments. Unlike other metropolitans that have a floating population, Chennai seems to have a fairly stagnant resident profile contributing to the growth of this sector. And whenever a property transaction is on the cards, document verification becomes inevitable. Maatrum tries to address this bit of the real estate puzzle with its instant Property Report.

Sifting through property documents could be a trying experience for anyone that’s planning to buy property. While the number of documents itself is huge, deciphering the language could be even more demanding. Most buyers consult with a real estate lawyer who will go through property records on the buyer’s behalf and give a report; this could take anywhere between a week or month depending on the complexity of the documents and workload of the lawyer. Maatrum tries to expedite this process by giving an instant report with crucial details like Property Ownership, Guideline Value, Encumbrance Certificate and Property tax/Water tax dues all in one report, enabling a quicker and hassle-free decision-making experience.

“Real estate transactions are traditionally very slow, involve loads of paperwork, are fraught with corruption and often involve legal disputes. Although many Internet startups in India are solving the first problem of ‘finding a property’, we feel that the other painful steps are still offline and have not been solved. With, we aim to significantly reduce real estate fraud,” said Anosh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Maatrum Technologies.

Since its initial rollout in August 2016, claims to have generated almost 1000 reports, with around 10,000 visitors to the website in less than two months time. The company plans to offer other important property details like Patta, outstanding electricity bill, etc., soon enough to comprehensively address the needs of property buyers/owners.

“I own a property in the outskirts of Chennai, which I don’t visit often. I decided to generate an online EC just to make sure there wasn’t any fraudulent activity. I found on Google; it asked me for a few details about my property and in less than five minutes, I got the EC for my property. I am truly impressed with the Maatrum report that explains property details in a simplified format. In fact, I’ve referred Maatrum to some of my friends too,” adds Mr. Sabesan R, a property owner from Chennai               

Whilst adding more features to the existing website, plans to take its services to the neighbouring states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the coming months. Visit their Facebook page to keep abreast of the developments and offerings. To learn more about Maatrum Technologies, please visit Write to for any query related to property.

About Maatrum

Maatrum Technologies is a startup based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company was founded with the ambitious dream to unlock the true potential of the Indian economy by solving some of India’s most difficult problems. With their current offering, aims to create a new wave in the Indian ‘Online Real Estate Title Verification’ space, with the help of technology.

The Maatrum Property Report has been designed in such a way that the property buyer/owner will be able to get legal details about their property from a few clicks. More importantly the report is so simple that the user will be able to take informed decisions based on the transactions and details specified. Added to this, all details are verified from the Tamil Nadu government websites, making the report all the more authentic. At the moment, offers its services for properties in Tamil Nadu and plans to expand to other states in near future.

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