Thursday , 8 December 2016
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It’s Never Too Late for Entrepreneurs To Learn New Tricks

From business strategy, to photo editing, to coding, there are lots of skills you can pick up from the comfort of your desk thanks to the expansion of online learning. Videos, podcasts and digital courses all provide ways to develop your talents and improve your understanding of new topics. For businesses, this is a fantastic way to provide you and your team with access to new ways of working, and has a myriad of other benefits.


Although it feels awkward to listen to yourself talk or watch yourself on film, it is a fantastic way to understand how others perceive you. Try setting up a video recorder during a meeting (with everyone?EU?s consent, of course) and then watch it back. You?EU?ll be able to see whether you touch your hair too much, say um between every word or talk in a monotone. Such insight will help you identify actionable changes you can make. You will become aware of your strengths, learn how to bring them to the fore, and how to compensate for your weaknesses.

Access to Experts

When you look at the most popular Ted Talks of all time, business insights are top of the leader?EU?s board. Talks such as “Your body language shapes who you are,” “How great leaders inspire action” and “How to speak so that people want to listen,” have been given by experts and researchers in their field.

In “How to speak so that people want to listen,” for example, Julian Treasure goes through some of the sins of talking, such as negativity, gossip, complaining, exaggeration and dogmatism (the confusion of facts with opinions). He advises speaking from the chest to add weight to your voice, because we associate depth with power. Tips like this are invaluable and can be applied to both your work and your…

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