Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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How Should Trump Handle the U.S. Cybersecurity Crisis?

They’ve stolen money from banks in England, knocked out electrical power in the Ukraine and interfered with the latest presidential election cycle in the United States.

Hackers are everywhere, causing ever more problems, leading many to ask: How should Donald Trump deal with cybersecurity when he becomes president on Jan. 20?

It’s an issue he might have to address almost immediately. Forrester Research predicts that Trump will face a cyber crisis within the first 100 days of his presidency. The consulting firm said the crisis could be anything from a cyber attack by another country to Americans’ deep divisions in response to new digital security and privacy laws.

To date, Trump has provided a very limited look at how he might handle a problem that has confounded other political leaders.

Last week, Trump said he would find better ways to protect power plants, hospitals and other “vital infrastructure” from “cyber attacks and all other forms of attack.” He has chosen retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser, and Flynn has expressed a willingness to launch cyber attacks, possibly against other nations.

What criteria would be used for such action? That has yet to be worked out.

Many people want more details. Some doubt Trump’s resolve and focus.

Michael Hayden, who headed both the CIA and National Security Agency, told the website Passcode last week that Trump “has shown no interest in understanding the issue.”

There’s plenty of advice available for whoever wants it.

[This publication] contacted a dozen cyber experts who proposed specific ways for thwarting everyone from “lone wolf” hackers in the United States to countries that digitally meddle with the safety and assets of Americans. Their suggestions include having government do more to train people to fill the tens of thousands of job openings that exist for cyber workers. Companies are begging for…

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