Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Crack Open the Health Benefits of California Walnuts with Chacha Chaudhary and Twiggy

It is said that Chacha Chahudhary’s brain runs faster than a computer. To unwind the secret behind his extraordinary intelligence, Diamond Toons has launched a comic book in collaboration California Walnut Commission to share the reason of his healthy body and sharper mind with the kids. In the latest edition, Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu are accompanied by Twiggy, the squirrel who makes children understand the nutritional benefits of walnuts and helps them to be like Chachaji. Twiggy is also the official mascot of California Walnut Commission.


Chacha Chaudhary

The new comic story named Chacha Choudhary and Twiggy talks about how Chacha Chaudhary’s unhealthy eating habits as a kid affected his studies. It portrays how developing a habit of eating walnuts daily made him physically and mentally fit.


On the launch of the comic, Mr. Keith Sunderlal, India Representative, California Walnut Commission said, “California Walnut Commission and Diamond Toons have endeavored to craft a unique infotainment comic wherein the readers will learn the benefits of having walnuts in their daily diet. Through the launch, we aim to educate our consumers, right from children to adults about the nutritive properties of California Walnuts in a fun yet appealing way. The comic has laid emphasis on kids with unhealthy eating habits who often exhibit a failure to thrive academically. California walnuts thus, is a smart addition to complete the requirement of essential nutrients in the body and OMEGA-3, which is important for healthy growth of mind and body. We are extremely positive that the series will be enjoyed by consumers across age groups.”


Mr. N.K. Verma, Chairman, Diamond Toons added, “We are very pleased that California Walnut Commission has chosen Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu to promote California Walnuts in India. With our massive reach across India, these iconic characters are perfect to communicate good health for kids & spell out the power and benefits of walnuts. We believe our readers, especially from this generation who are quick learners with active minds will connect instantly with the comic and would very well communicate the benefits of California Walnuts. The new series would be available across print and digital medium that can be bought and read on click of a button.”


About Diamond Toons

Diamond Toons is the most creative division of Diamond Group of publications. The vision and dream clearly is to involve the children, who have unlimited options of entertainment, by providing them not just entertainment but also education on a unique platform.  Diamond Toons has a past history of having worked closely with other leading children’s brands. A part of Diamond Toons: Chacha Choudhary, Billu and Pinki are the most loved and read comic characters in India. The Chacha Chaudhary comic series has captured the imagination of Indian children for over 40 years. We recognize the immense popularity of Pran’s Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Billoo & Pinki with readers in India and we are very happy to bring Pran to talk to children on good health through this series.


About California Walnut Commission

The California Walnut Commission, established in 1987, is funded by mandatory assessments of the growers. The Commission is an agency of the State of California that works in concurrence with the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The CWC is mainly involved in health research and export market development activities.


For more industry information, health research and recipe ideas, visit www.walnuts.org.


About The SCS Group

The SCS Group is an agribusiness consulting firm based in Gurgaon, specializing in marketing, international trade and communications strategy related to food, beverage and agricultural products. The firm has an intimate understanding of the evolving tastes and purchasing patterns of premium foods by the Indian consumer as their disposable incomes grow and they integrate into the global economy. The SCS Group represents the California Walnut Commission in India.

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