Sunday , 11 December 2016
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Baahubali-2 video leaked; case registered against graphic designer

HYDERABAD: Raw visual footage of Baahubali-2 was stolen and uploaded on social media without permission, the producer of the movie alleged in a complaint with the Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad commissionerate on Tuesday.

Baahubali-2, is a sequel to the multilingual blockbuster movie Baahubali: The Beginning, released worldwide in 2015.

On Tuesday evening, producer Y Shobhanadri, lodged a complaint alleging that he saw video clippings of Baahubali-2 footage on YouTube and asked his team to find out how it happened.

After looking at the five minute video footage being streamed on YouTube, the producer realised that it could have only been stolen from Annapurna Studios, where the footage was given for design work.

“The producer’s team also found out that Krishna Dayanand Chowdary, a trainee graphics designer working at the Annapurna studios stole the footage by logging into the server,” ACP Cyber Crimes, Hyderabad commissionerate, KCS Raghu Vir said.

The team rushed to Krishna Dayanand’s house in Tolichowki on Tuesday morning and in Krishna’s presence, checked his computer.

The film producer told police that his team found Baahubali-2’s two video clippings of total nine minute length in Krishna’s computer. Subsequently, Krishna confessed to have shared the video clippings with two of his friends, Aishwarya and Akhil of Vijayawada on Monday night through whatsapp.

The Baahubali-2 team then approached the Cyber Crime sleuths and as per directions of the cops, Krishna called his friends, Aishwarya and Akhil, asking them to send the movie clippings back through whatsapp.

“The video clippings in Krishna’s desktop and the video clippings sent to his phone by his two friends from Vijayawada are of the same duration and have same audio visual content. After sending the clippings, Krishna deleted the content from his phone,” the ACP said.

The movie unit gave 12 minutes of footage to Annapurna studios for graphics designing work and Krishna stole nine minutes footage. Out of the stolen footage of five minutes duration went on circulation, police said

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