Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Are Silicon Valley Tech Giants Seeking Political Peace?

It’s been an interesting few months at the intersection of Tech and Trump. First, tech executives like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and others spoke out loudly against candidate Donald Trump. Meanwhile out on the campaign trail, Trump took a number of high-profile shots at Silicon Valley, blasting Apple and Amazon for various perceived displays of arrogance and misuse of corporate power.

More recently, both those companies released good-vibes TV ads, each of them urging Americans to put aside their differences in a post-election spirit of domestic détente, each of them a slightly veiled denunciation of some of Trump’s more controversial sound bites.

Then last week, adding a dollop of intrigue to the awkward dance between Trump and the tech world, one of the valley’s corporate elites showed up as a visitor during the incoming president’s vetting-fest at Trump Tower. Speculation has swirled even since about a possible cabinet post for Safra Catz, co-CEO of Oracle, though her meeting with Trump remains wrapped in mystery. An Oracle spokeswoman confirmed the meeting took place, but offered no other details.

It’s not clear how well, if at all, Catz and Trump know one another. The Washington Post reported that Catz, who was named co-chief executive (along with Mark Hurd) of Oracle in 2014 when company co-founder Ellison stepped back from the CEO role, has donated to both Democratic and Republican candidates in the past. This year, Catz, Hurd, and Ellison all gave money to the campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio, who ran against Trump in the Republican presidential primaries.

If she were indeed being considered for a post in the Trump White House, Catz comes with stellar credentials, boasting extensive experience in finance. At Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, she worked as an investment banker. Coming to Oracle in 1999, Catz served as the software giant’s chief…

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