Wednesday , 7 December 2016
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Adtech Platform TubeMogul Acquired by Adobe

Adobe?EU?s acquisition of video adtech company TubeMogul for $540 million this week will be a big addition to the company?EU?s marketing cloud, which already features Abode Primetime and the ambitious slogan, ?EU?Make every screen a TV.?EU?

That, indeed, is the goal of the programmatic video advertising sector, and the hope of its boosters and partners. But, a lot of traditional media giants and marketers have yet to be won over by the promise of adtech on the small screen.

Programmatic video advertising is now a $3.6 billion industry in the US, but this is only a fraction of total digital ad buy spending. Of course, traditional data like household income and gender, plus Nielsen ratings, still count heavily in this new approach. According to a white paper published by TubeMogul last year, the company sees its digital approach as bringing greater flexibility, integration across platforms, and more detailed demographic research.

?EU?Rather than manually reaching out to each inventory source,?EU? the paper notes, ?EU?buyers could log into a centralized system to immediately confirm availability and place reservations.?EU? This could, in theory, reduce the chances of ads bombing out due to last-minute changes in the market spaces or due to reliance on older data that might not be so reflective of present trends.

The dream, then, is to one day offer addressable TV advertising to individual households that is as specific as that which we get on Facebook or Amazon today. But, even for all our digital applications, TV is still very much its own distinct operating space, one worth $73 billion. But with digital advertising projected to continue rising and surpass TV soon for ad share, despite worrisome signs that growth is being driven by just a few big names, there is a drive to bring digital methods to broadcast, satellite, and cable.

Although the programmatic…

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