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Adobe Acrobat Reader Now Includes Free Mobile Scanning, Powered by Adobe Sensei

NEW DELHI, November 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Delivering on its promise to continuously push out innovations that help customers work faster and more effectively with the help of Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe today released new scanning functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. More than 300 million people use the free Acrobat Reader mobile app today to view, annotate, send and save PDFs at home and in the office. With the new scanning component baked directly into the reader mobile app, users now have the ability to snap a picture of anything and turn that ‘scan’ into a signable, shareable, storable and secure PDF – all for free.

“Recently, we unveiled Adobe Sensei , a new framework and set of intelligent services built into the Adobe Cloud Platform for dramatically improving customer experiences. Disruptive innovation, like that powered by Adobe Sensei, is core to our focus on enhancing our customers’ digital workflows with Adobe Document Cloud. Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning capabilities in Adobe Sensei, our engineers at Adobe India have played an instrumental role in developing the all new mobile scan feature innovation in Acrobat Reader that uses features like PDF boundary detection, perspective correction and enhanced text sharpness – making scanning from paper to PDF on mobile faster and easier than ever before,” said Shanmugh Natarajan, Executive Director & VP (Products), Adobe India.

“In today’s digital world, mobile devices play a huge role in the way people create, access and share documents. The release of the new scan feature in Acrobat Reader mobile is the latest example of how Document Cloud uses sophisticated technology to make the lives of our customers easier and more productive,” said Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, Adobe South Asia.

“The scan feature lets anyone digitize anything, from shopping receipts to tax documents, whatever you need to keep track of to simplify and organize your day-to-day life. At work, scan is an enterprise-ready tool for converting paper documents, forms, contracts, business cards and even those whiteboard snapshots into PDFs that can be incorporated into existing digital workflows. In a mobile-first market like India, the possibilities for digitization of documents are exciting, and the use cases are virtually endless.”

Introducing Scan, new to Acrobat Reader mobile:

  • Free mobile scanning is now available to hundreds of millions who already use Acrobat Reader on iOS and Android
  • Quickly capture multiple scans of forms, receipts, contracts, post-its, whiteboards, and more, and turn them into storable and shareable PDFs
  • Add annotations or signatures and store PDFs with built in connections to Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more, without leaving Acrobat Reader mobile
  • Use for simple scanning or integrate into your enterprise document workflow

Adobe Sensei and Document Cloud

Scan functionality in Reader mobile is powered by Adobe Sensei, a new framework and set of intelligence services built into Document Cloud, Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud to dramatically improve customer experiences. In Document Cloud, Adobe Sensei utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning to automate repetitive tasks, boost productivity and pave the way for the workplace of the future. In the case of Scan in Reader mobile, Adobe Sensei works in the background to automatically detect document boundaries, correct perspectives, enhance text sharpness and make everything beautiful, usable and digital.

What impact can Adobe Sensei have in the future? Adobe processes tens of billions of PDFs through Document Cloud. Imagine an enterprise being able to deeply understand meaning from all the documents in the company, finding patterns and similarities in content and extracting knowledge from that content. A medical research facility, for example, could search thousands if not millions of studies in order to extract patterns in patients’ symptoms and identify the most effective treatment options. Or, a company in the middle of its digital transformation using something called semantic structure analysis of documents, AI and machine learning, to analyze and categorize the content of documents as they’re scanned.

Examples of how capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei could impact the future of work. Imagine if you could:

  • Analyze all PDFs in your organization, identify patterns and extract knowledge
  • Automatically summarize thousands of PDFs, like document Cliff’s Notes
  • Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and categorize the content of your documents as they are scanned from paper to digital
  • Interact with document content in a virtual reality environment, from anywhere

About Document Cloud:  

At the heart of Adobe Document Cloud is Adobe Acrobat DC, the world’s best PDF solution; Adobe Sign, the leading e-signature solution that allows anyone to electronically sign and send documents from any device; and powerful companion mobile apps. Acrobat, together with Acrobat Reader, is one of the most widely distributed pieces of software, used on over a billion desktops and mobile devices worldwide.

About Adobe:  

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences.
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